Usages for an Old Basement – 7 Creative Ideas to Converting Your Basement

Usages for an Old BasementThere are many creative usages for an old basement remodeling.  All one needs is a bit of imagination in order to transform it into something that is actually useful. The very moment the word “basement” is mentioned here is what comes to most people’s mind: That dark room with cobweb-filled-storage-warehouse. Well, not any more! You don’t have to use that valuable space as a dumping ground for all your old toys, bicycles and stuff you will probably never use again. It’s high time we start using every given space we have to make it useful. There are so many things you could actually transform your basement into. Below are 7 creative usages for an old basement. 

Basement remodeling – a Library Rather than a Dump

If you do have many books, old and/or new, stacked up in your shelves taking space from your room or living room, think of moving them to the basement. Giving your basement a full clear clean-up and a coat of bright paint to the walls, installing some fancy reading lights, putting in a lovely couch or beam bag and some lovely shelves could transform that useless  basement into a lovely library. What could be better?  

Make it your own office space

Having your own space to work with your files and documents which maybe hard copies or soft copies is important. Being in your own environment of work will help you to feel at ease, more organize. You are able to arrange your basement to a way preferred by you and transform it into your very own office space. Giving your basement a good clear up by throwing away all that junk which was never needed is a good start. Having your own office is just another one of the many creative usages for an old basement.

Your very own meditation room

The beauty of basement remodeling is that you are not limited to one particular idea. Here you can let your imagination dictate what your old basement will become. As a basement is known to be a very quiet place, here you have the opportunity to make it your very own space for meditation. Meditation is very important for your mind, body and soul. But it can only be practiced in a peaceful calm and quiet area. Your basement would be a perfect place to get this meditation room you have always dreamt of. Once you decide on turning your useless basement into a room where you can sit undisturbed by outside activities, how to create the desired ambiance is up to you.

Entertainment room

Having kids play and have fun making all that noise can indeed be a big disturbance and a mess. You could probably use your basement for this purpose and also have a supervision on them in the same time, by giving them that freedom and enjoyment of being noisy and messy. To them it is fun and, now, for you the noisy activity will be out of the way. Just make sure when converting the basement into a play room that the floors, walls and furniture are well padded in order to prevent injury.

Fitness room

If you are into fitness and think of exercising a lot. Transforming your basement into one perfect fitness area could actually help you in a big way. You also could invite your friends or neighbors over to join you in doing those moves with some great music to keep fit. So clear up your basement and make it look like those fitness hubs. The more attractive you make it the more often you will be using it.

Making it a music studio

If music is you passion, then turning your basement into a music studio will change your life. This new designated area will serve you to play an instrument, invite other musicians to play with you, or simply use it as a place where you can listen to music. If you are into recording music, why not add your own recording studio? All you will need to do is get rid of any articles not used by giving them to others or donating to an organization that can make use of them. Clean up the place, make sure it is dry and well ventilated and, voila, you have your own music studio

Kids study room

If you have more than two kids who expect more space for successful study, it is important you try to come up with an idea of transforming your basement into a good study room and help your kids. This would enhance the self-study habits of your kids and create an exploratory, inquisitive, mind.

As you can see there are plenty of usages for an old basement.  A bit of imagination coupled with some creativity and you will discover that the usages for an old basement remodeling ideas are indeed unlimited.