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Kitchen Remodeling in Suffolk County NY

The 7 Common Steps In A Great a Kitchen Remodeling in Suffolk County NY

IMG_0331A kitchen remodeling in Suffolk County NY, like in any other place in NY State, is a common practice nowadays.  Adding that extra accent to the kitchen and extending its beauty makes all the difference. Renovating an old kitchen adds value and promises a great return on investment.

However, no matter how well the design and final floor plans you have chosen are – it is the quality of work and craftsmanship of your kitchen remodeling contractors that matters the most. At House Remodeling Center, we ensure you of that as well as a kitchen remodel process which follows eight crucial steps.

    • 1 – Building Plans And Permits For The Kitchen Renovation Project – Every jurisdiction has various permit requirements. A kitchen remodeling in Suffolk County NY is not any different. However our teams will definitely consult you about all of the plans and permits you need to submit prior to the permit approval.


    • 2 – Ensuring Safety and Cleanliness – A kitchen remodeling in Suffolk County NY, like in any other place, is not hazardous, but is definitely unsafe for children. With wires, studs and nails exposed during the process, it may be dangerous – and in order to maintain a clean environment, we always use dust barriers and floor protection.


    • 3 – Demolition and Framing – Disconnecting your electrical lines and sinks is the first thing, after which your old appliances and cabinets are removed. This is one of the most complicated steps and needs to be evaluated with maximum attention.


    • 4 – MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) – All of the three aspects of MEP are important – and ensure that your kitchen functions and operates properly. At House Remodeling Center, we are equipped with the best electricians, plumbers and mechanics to ensure a complete process resulting with utmost satisfaction on your end.


    • 5 – Building Inspection – At this point building inspectors will be brought in – making sure that all work is done according to the standards and code, and to apply close-in stickers so the job can proceed.


    • 6 – Kitchen Remodel Close – Insulating and dry-walling all the open walls and laying down the flooring is done.  Once finished, all the cabinets, counter tops and appliances can be installed. Proper carpentry, and cabinetry as well as window and door casement, if needed, are additionally installed in this phase.


  • 7 – Substantial Completion – The final phase ensures connecting the appliances, installing the faucet as well as light fixtures and device plates, all by a professional electrician.

After the final touch-up and ensuring everything works properly, you can finally enjoy in your new kitchen!

In conclusion: If you are looking for a kitchen remodeling in Suffolk County NY, do contact us and let us give you a free estimate. Who knows, you may like what we have to offer.

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