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House Painting in Suffolk County NY

 Time to Paint Your Home?

House painting - Painting timesUsually people take to house painting in Suffolk County NY during springtime or early summer.  While some surfaces need to be painted every year, including your decks and stained front doors, other surfaces only need to be painted approximately on every third year. Most of the surfaces, though, last for 5 years with a single coated paint and 8 to 10 years with two coats of paint. But how do you know when you need to hire a professional painters for your home interior – and exterior?

House Painting in Suffolk County NY – Signs Of Wear And Tear

    • Mildew and mold – if you are seeing small grey spores growing on the surface of the paint, it’s maybe time to power-wash your paint job in order to mold off the paint surface without actually harming the paint job.


    • Color fading – Whenever sunlight breaks down the paint skin, the color fades. The constant ultraviolet rays cause your paint surface to lose fades of its color, getting lighter and lighter until losing its vibrant effect.


    • Chalking – This process occurs when the paint surface film breaks down stops sticking to each other and basically becomes dust. Generally, a yellow paint job has a yellow dust on the surface from the sunlight beating down on it.


    • Splitting of Caulk at the seams – Although good caulk is elastic, no caulking lasts 45 years like the labels say. Wood by its nature stretches and shrinks according to the weather. At some point it loses its elasticity and breaks.
    • Wood grain – If a natural wood grains through a paint or stain job, it can result in a magnificent scenery. However, if it cracks the wood and its fibers – it is time to paint or stain it again and prevent it from splintering and rotting.


  • Peeling – If your paint peels off to the point it is no longer protecting the surfaces beneath it, it is time for a touch-up or a complete re coating the protect the surface underneath.

If you are ready for a house painting in Suffolk County NY, we are here to help. At House Remodeling Center our painters are professionals and the material used is always of the best quality available.

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