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Custom Decks and Fences

Custom Decks and Fences As A Multi-functional Area

DecksCustom decks and fences are in vogue in recent years. If you have been doubting about whether your deck space deserves remodeling, it’s time to review every option. Most new (and old) houses nowadays have decks off the side or rear of the house. Because most decks are above ground, adding a fence is wise. A fenced deck adds a sense of security and, to some extent, intimacy.

Custom decks and fences go well together. In reality, the deck is your multi-functional area. It is a place you want to have your breakfast on weekends, simply relax and/or read a book. The deck is an extension of your living space and should be used accordingly. So, how to make your deck work more for you?

    1. Use a large glass door that opens to the deck – Glass or swing doors are great and let you see the deck when they are closed.  Decks and fences come in different sizes and styles. The larger the deck the more you can do with it.


    1. Don’t worry about the  size of your deck – You can make your deck even larger than your living room. The truth is, you should think of it as the summer version of your living room and equip it with chairs, couches, dining tables and a TV to get the most out of the excitement.


    1. Don’t include a step between the deck and your house first floor – Instead of a step, you should have the deck flush with the house and make it an extension of the home.


    1. Put a roof over it – Your deck roof can be a canopy, metal roof or an extension of your house roof with wood framing and asphalt shingles. A roof over your deck space will make it more livable when the sun is out and give it a greater comfort.


  1. Make it flexible – You should not put a lot of furniture in your deck space – but only the flexible and practical pieces that let you easily change their arrangement for small and large gatherings accordingly. Whether it’s a family brunch or a birthday party, your deck can be the perfect place for it.

Decks are one of the most popular spaces for gatherings.  At House Remodeling Center, we specialize in custom decks and fences.  You can contact us now and get a free estimate!

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a Wallnut Fenced Deck and a Jacuzzi